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Nancy Bocskor, tagged a “Democracy Coach” by a major German newspaper, teaches citizens in the United States and internationally how to communicate with passion to affect change in their communities. Nancy Bocskor founded the Nancy Bocskor Company in 1990.  She has raised money for more than 100 Members of Congress and candidates, trained activists and […]

Emily Zanotti Skyles is a blogger and columnist. She is a ten-year veteran of political communications and online journalism based out of Chicago, where she runs her own digital media firm and works as an associate fellow with the R Street Institute. Her work has appeared at her former blog, NakedDC, on the opinion page […]

Shoshana Weissmann is Founder of Network Red, a contributor for One America News Network, an alumnus of multiple national campaigns and a junior at The George Washington University with plans to graduate a year early. She was the youngest honoree of the DC GOP’s 35 Under 35 list in 2012 and an honoree of the […]

Dr. Keen is a veterinarian and professor with over a quarter-century of research experience in public health, biomedicine, zoonotic infections, and livestock health and production medicine. He trained in biology (BS, Eastern Kentucky), veterinary medicine (DVM, Illinois), and epidemiology (Ph.D., Illinois). Dr. Keen is also a government whistleblower. For more than two decades, he worked […]

Jerri Ann Henry is one of the nation’s foremost communications and messaging strategist focused on grassroots, digital and traditional outreach and coalition building. Through her work as the Campaign Manager of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry and as an advisor to a number of education, women’s issues and message development groups for conservatives, […]

Terrisa Bukovinac is an atheist, feminist, vegan, leftist, consistent life activist, and founder and Executive Director of PAAU the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising. She is the former President of Democrats for Life of America and founded Pro-Life San Francisco where she remains President of the Board. Terrisa is a co-leader of Secular Pro-Life and also serves […]

Since 2001, Deborah Outlaw has served as a health care consultant providing federal legislative and regulatory services to numerous organizations with health care interests, including physician specialty groups, allied health providers, medical device manufacturers, safety net facility prescription drug providers, hospitals, and trade associations. Ms. Outlaw also consults on health policy and reimbursement issues to […]

Carly LeVan joined BGR Group in 2018 and serves as the deputy director to Governor Haley Barbour, former Governor of Mississippi and Founding Partner at BGR Group. Prior to joining BGR, Carly worked at The Larrison Group, a DC-based boutique consulting firm specializing in campaign and non-profit fundraising. Carly began her fundraising career in 2013 […]

Erik Rapprich is a grassroots organizer turned technology entrepreneur and web professional. Since 2010, Erik has been with Engage, a leading digital public affairs agency, where he serves as Managing Partner. There, he oversees the company’s people, projects, and products and has worked with countless national brands, political groups, causes, and other athletic and non-profit […]

Dr. Radnitz is a psychologist in private practice in NJ. She has over 20 years of experience in treating individuals with substance misuse disorders at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center, Bronx, New York, and in private practice. Dr. Radnitz served as a professor of psychology on the faculty of Fairleigh Dickinson. She has […]