Kailey Mauro, Research & Investigations Assistant

Kailey Mauro is WCW’s Research and Investigations Assistant. She delves through FOIA, other open-access records, and databases to find compelling facts and materials to expose wasteful government spending on animal experiments. 

Kailey has been involved in the field of animal welfare most of her life, primarily focusing on community cats. She has volunteered through the years as a community cat caretaker involved with TNR and for rescued and retired racing greyhounds. Kailey holds a master’s degree in animal science and Behavior. She completed an extended internship with an animal protection organization wherein she assisted in the creation of toolkits for community members to advocate for community cats. 

During her free time, Kailey can be found crocheting with her cats for company or being dragged along by her Newfoundland on a hike (or into the closest body of water).