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Your Tax Dollars Used to Merge Mice with Aborted Human Baby Body Parts: 'Abhorrent on so Many Levels'

WASHINGTON – Organs, bones and other body parts of aborted babies are being sold and transplanted into lab animals. This isn’t a passage out of Frankenstein. It’s research happening today and unsuspecting taxpayers are funding it.

BELLOTTI, STIER: Green Activists Hate Trump More Than They Love Animals

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just made history by announcing a plan to end wasteful taxpayer-funded animal testing by 2035. This is a huge win, but regulation-happy green groups criticizing the move have made clear that they hate the Trump administration more than they love animals and the environment.

New EPA plan to reduce animal testing will protect animals, the environment and taxpayers

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just announced a historic plan to end cruel and unnecessary animal testing by 2035. This is a watershed moment for animal welfare, public health, and environmental protection, and I’m proud to have led the efforts on Capitol Hill for over two decades to help get us here.