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Stop monkeying around with our tax dollars

Big Government lobbyists and entrenched bureaucrats are predictably hysterical about a common-sense congressional push to improve transparency and accountability about wasteful taxpayer-funded monkey experiments. They’re worried that once Congress sees how the National Institutes of Health squanders billions in public money each year on so much monkey business, lawmakers might tighten the purse strings.

Dogs deserve better than brutal VA research that wastes money better spent on veterans

The VA has done these barbaric tests for decades with no discernible benefits in many years. It should stop hurting dogs and start helping veterans.

Facing pressure, government agencies start to allow adoptions of retired lab animals

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — Violet, a former lab animal, loves taking walks in Alexandria, Virginia with Julie Germany. But that wasn’t an option when Germany, who volunteered at a lab, found Violet locked in a cage at a federal research facility.

Transparency needed for research funding

There are few things as infuriating as wasted opportunity — except perhaps when it’s coupled with a waste of money.