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CNN: Retired FDA research monkeys find new home and music in Florida

Squirrel monkey chirps filled a small ranch-style building in north Gainesville, Florida — a chorus that made Kari Bagnall’s smile swell even wider.

WRIC: Conflicting stories about who approved canine research at the VA

Someone is lying about who approved the continued deadly dog experiments at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Last week, 8News exposed McGuire VA Hospital in Richmond is still buying dogs for the studies despite federal and state legislation to stop it.

The Daily Beast: Report: VA Continues to Perform Fatal Medical Experiments on Dogs

The Department of Veterans Affairs will continue using dogs in fatal medical experiments despite backlash from veterans’ groups and Congress, USA Today reports. In one of the department’s experiments, dogs’ brains are removed to “test neurons to control breathing,” then the canines are killed using a lethal injection, the newspaper reports.

CBS New York: Republicans Target Wasteful Abuse Of Animals In Federally-Funded Labs

Animal rights group like the Humane Society Legislative Fund tend to give Democrats better marks than Republicans. But one group, the White Coat Waste Project, is trying to win over Republicans to reduce the number abused animals in federally-funded labs.