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Kudos to McSally for protecting dogs from FDA

On behalf of our 2.5 million members—including more than 13,000 Arizonans—we applaud Sen. Martha McSally for leading bipartisan efforts to end the Food and Drug Administration’s wasteful, cruel requirement that drug companies test new pharmaceuticals on dogs.

Taxpayer Watchdog Group Sues VA for Records of Cat De-Braining Experiments

A taxpayer watchdog group has filed a federal lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs, seeking the release of records related to taxpayer-funded experiments on cats, according to a Sept. 2 news release.

FDA-Required Tests on Puppies Slow Progress to COVID Treatment

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is slowing the search for treatments and cures for COVID-19 and other illnesses by forcing pharmaceutical manufacturers to conduct unscientific and outdated drug safety tests on puppies. The FDA asserts these tests are necessary because they help screen out toxic drugs before they reach people, but the evidence shows they’re inaccurate and inefficient. The FDA has the power to fix this, but hasn’t, and I’ve joined a new #CutFDARedTape effort to change that.

We're united in an effort to end the FDA's dog testing mandate

They say if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. Today lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are finally returning the favor, working together to eliminate the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) outdated, burdensome and inhumane dog testing mandate.