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WRIC: The House placing additional restrictions on canine research at the VA

In an update to an on-going 8News investigation, Congress is taking more steps to restrict canine research at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Detroit News: Capitol Hill kitten caboodle touts bill to end deadly cat experiments

Kittens and cupcakes appear to be the purr-fect combination to bring animal welfare advocates and Capitol Hill staffers out in droves.

Dozens turned out for the cuteness overload at a Thursday event promoting a bill to end painful cat testing at a Department of Agriculture laboratory in Maryland.

Roll Call: Lawmakers Join Forces in Bipartisan Attempt to End USDA Kitten Testing

Kittens and cupcakes in the Rayburn building caused a buzz Thursday among staffers and interns, but the reason for their presence was anything but a cute ball of fluff.

For the past 50 years, the Department of Agriculture has been forcing 100 kittens each year to eat toxoplasma-infected raw meat to test their stool, according to Michigan Republican Rep. Mike Bishop.

Weekly Standard op-ed: Why Is the Government Still Doing Animal Testing for Cosmetics?

Animal testing by cosmetic companies is becoming a thing of the past in the United States, so it might shock you that the government is still forcing taxpayers to pay for cruel, ineffective, and expensive animal tests on cosmetics in government laboratories.